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TRUTH BOMB: Trump Isn’t The Ruling Class… And This Arraignment Is PROOF



In recent years, the concept of the “elitist ruling class” has become a hot topic in political discourse. Many people believe that the wealthy and powerful have an unfair advantage in our society, including in the justice system. Former President Donald Trump is among those who have spoken out against this perceived double standard.

According to Trump, the elite in our society are able to get away with crimes that would land an average person in jail. Now, the entire legal system has been weaponized against those the one man who challenged the status quo and proved his point completely.

Some may dismiss Trump’s claims, but the arraignment yesterday is evidence to suggest that Trump is absolutely right.

The investigations were entirely politically motivated, and Trump has been unfairly targeted because of his political beliefs.

Other politicians and public figures who have engaged in similar behavior have not faced the same level of scrutiny…

And it’s not difficult to bring up a list of them.

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