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WTF Is Up With Dylan Mulvaney?



Dylan Mulvaney, a man who identifies as an extremely annoying woman, has recently gained widespread attention in just a few months.

Controversy arose early this month when Mulvaney posted a video promoting Bud Light’s March Madness contest, and it was revealed that the beer company had a brand partnership with him. Bud Light defended the partnership, claiming it was an effort to connect with customers authentically.

Mulvaney’s rising popularity and business deals have raised eyebrows, with some accusing him of insulting women and engaging in provocative marketing tactics. He has faced criticism for partnering with makeup brand Ulta Beauty and fashion house Kate Spade, among others.

Last year, Ulta hosted Mulvaney on their podcast alongside a “gender-fluid” hairdresser, leading to backlash and the company disabling comments on social media. Kate Spade also faced criticism for a video in which Mulvaney shopped for women’s clothing and accessories.

Following the Bud Light controversy, Mulvaney posted on Instagram, endorsing Zenvy leggings and an Alate bra from Nike Women. He has also shared TikTok videos of himself using various products and discussing his personal life.

Mulvaney has even received support from senior government officials, with President Joe Biden hosting a discussion about “gender-affirming healthcare” at the White House last year.

Commentators such as Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire have criticized transgenderism as a “progressive” movement that requires constant validation and support to maintain its fragile assumptions about identity. According to Walsh, the trans person’s self-perception is a “superficial, ephemeral thing” that must be constantly reinforced by society.

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