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BREAKING: Here’s The REAL Reason Trump Will Be On Trial



Last week, the biased Manhattan District Attorney decided to indict the one and only President Donald J. Trump on a whopping 34 charges of unknown document fraud. How convenient that they waited until now, after Trump has declared his 2024 candidacy, to bring up these bogus accusations. It’s clearly just another liberal witch hunt.

But let’s be real, we all know what’s really going on here. Corinne explained this on the news earlier this week.

The left is terrified that Trump is running for president again and scared to death that he win in a landslide. They know that he’s the only one with the energy and drive to get things done in Washington, and they’re desperate to stop him. So, they’ve resorted to underhanded tactics like this indictment to try and derail his campaign before it even starts.

Despite all of their efforts, Trump’s supporters remain steadfast in their belief in him. In fact, the campaign raised an impressive $5 million in just 48 hours after the announcement of his arrest. That’s a clear indication that Americans know what’s really going on here and are standing by their leader.

So go ahead, liberals, do your worst. Try to bring down our president with your baseless charges and smear campaigns. But just know that no matter what you throw at him, Trump will always stand strong and fight for what’s right. And in the end, he will prevail.