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BREAKING: Is The Biden Administration Considering A New Mask Mandate For Kids?



Once again, the Biden administration is making it clear that they’re not done with their COVID mandates just yet. A child asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre if Joe Biden will force kids to wear masks again in schools, and her response was far from reassuring.

Jean Pierre did not rule out the possibility of masks being mandated once again, despite the fact that children are at very low risk of serious illness from COVID-19.

It seems like the administration is more interested in controlling our lives than in following the science.

Aren’t we tired of these COVID mandates yet? It’s been over three years now and we’re still being told what we can and cannot do. It’s time to let people make their own choices and take responsibility for their own health.

We can’t let the government keep using fear and uncertainty to control us. It’s time to stand up for our freedoms and say enough is enough. We deserve to live our lives without the constant threat of mandates and restrictions.