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OMG! Are We Using Tax Dollars To Help Illegal Immigrants Get Into This Country Illegally??



FEMA’s allocation of taxpayer money to NGOs aiding illegal immigration has sparked outrage and prompted the House Oversight Committee to take action. Chairman James Comer, along with Representatives Glenn Grothman and Jake LaTurner, are cracking down on FEMA’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP), which seems to be collaborating with these NGOs to provide support services, including travel assistance, to individuals crossing the border illegally.

Recent reports indicate that funds meant for legitimate purposes are potentially being misused to facilitate illegal immigration. This is a blatant misuse of taxpayer dollars, and the lawmakers are demanding transparency and accountability from FEMA.

But wait, it gets worse!

The American Red Cross, an organization entrusted with helping those in need, is allegedly contributing to the problem. They appoint a member to the National Board governing EFSP, and disturbing reports reveal that they’ve been distributing detailed maps and guides to migrants in Central America and Mexico. These materials, bearing the Red Cross logo, provide guidance on how to navigate the dangerous journey to reach cities along the southwest U.S. border.

It’s outrageous that an organization meant to assist in emergencies is potentially aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

In a letter to FEMA, house Republicans also reference the recent DHS report, which exposed the misallocation of funds from the American Rescue Plan. Nonprofits and even illegal immigrants who evaded Border Patrol were given a share of $110 million that was supposed to be used for migrants encountered at the southern border. The guidelines clearly state that these funds should only go to NGOs and local recipient organizations for services provided to individuals encountered and released by DHS personnel. Yet, the report reveals that reimbursements were made for services to individuals who were never encountered by DHS personnel. This means that taxpayer money was used to provide services to those who slipped through the cracks.

The border crisis is already a colossal mess, and these revelations only make it worse. The American people deserve the truth and accountability.

We must put an end to the misuse of taxpayer funds and ensure that organizations like FEMA and the American Red Cross are held responsible for their actions. The Biden administration’s weak stance on border security has allowed NGOs to become a crucial part of their strategy, but it’s time to put an end to this chaos.

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