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BREAKING: Joe Biden Forgets The Name Of Another World Leader (Again)



Well, well, well, looks like Sleepy Joe Biden is at it again with his infamous gaffes and memory lapses. The man just can’t seem to get his facts straight, especially when it comes to the names of world leaders. In a recent blunder, he proudly declared, “I’ve spoken at length with President Loon of South Korea.”

Here’s the problem… the president of South Korea is Yoon Suk Yeol. That’s right, not Loon but Yeol. Something Biden would probably know if they really did speak “at length,” as he claims. It’s astonishing how we’re expected to turn a blind eye to this blatant mental decline.

I mean, come on! How many more times do we have to witness these cringe-worthy moments before we start questioning the man’s ability to lead? It’s not just a slip of the tongue; it’s a fundamental lack of attention to detail and a disregard for accuracy.

One would think that someone holding the highest office in the land would be mentally competent enough to remember the names of important world leaders.

But apparently, that’s asking too much.

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