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Did a top DeSantis supporter just tweet in support of violent regimes?



Ron DeSantis’s #1 supporter who routinely gaslights Americans by saying she “isn’t paid by any campaigns” (the semantic olympic Gold right there) Jenna Ellis recently dove headfirst into support of tyrannical and violent regimes all in pursuit of trying (and failing) to dunk on President Donald Trump.

The tweet was in defense of Uganda (bastion of democracy and safety) who recently passed a law which criminalized consensual gay sex punishable by death. Jenna claimed the law only applies to child rape and is not only incorrect but also misses the understanding of how these third world fascist regimes implement law. 

In fact, the law defines “aggravated homosexuality” as yes pertaining to sex with a minor but it also pertains broadly to any sex with a person with any disability and any “serial offender” meaning a gay person caught multiple times having even consensual adult sex. It also can apply to anyone broadly defined by the Ugandan government as “vulnerable.” So basically sex with anyone of the same sex subjectively decided by the Ugandan government could result in the death penalty. At the very minimum, life in prison.

Ted reacted in confusion. Why on earth would a top DeSantis spox who claims to be a constitutional lawyer be supporting a violent unallied nation in their attempt to murder or imprison for life some of their citizens? 

Jenna actually doubled down saying outright “I stand with Uganda” which….wow. She continues to claim the law only applies to child rape which she is completely incorrect about. But at the very least, the law imprisons gay adults for life.

All of this is because earlier today another DeSantis spox, Pedro Gonzalez, tweeted an old tweet from President Trump rightly proud of his accomplishments to decriminalize homosexuality across the globe. There is a big difference between fighting back against injustice in America such as child abuse and erasure of women and rooting for adult consensual behavior to be criminalized. President Trump was a major peacemaker and human rights champion across the world and he SHOULD be proud of his accomplishments to protect human life from babies to adults. 

The DeSantis camp apparently just has to take the opposite view of President Trump’s record even if it means they have to insanely align with tyrannical acts of violence. Not a great look for the Florida Man.

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