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TRIGGERED: Fake News Contributor Thinks Target Boycott Is LITERALLY TERRORISM



Conservatives have taken a principled stand by boycotting Target due to their questionable decision to release a line of “PRIDE MONTH” clothing specifically designed for children. It’s a peaceful boycott, simply expressing our disagreement by choosing not to shop there for the time being.

However, it seems that even the mere act of conservatives exercising their consumer choice has triggered the left. Take a look at this ridiculous clip from MSNBC, where a liberal commentator goes as far as to label our peaceful boycott as “LITERALLY TERRORISM.”

Can you believe the level of hysteria?

It’s clear that the left is increasingly intolerant of any differing opinions. We have the right to voice our concerns and to support businesses that align with our values. Boycotting is a valid form of peaceful protest, and it’s absurd for them to compare it to acts of actual terrorism.

It’s a sad reflection of the state of discourse on the left, where any disagreement is met with baseless accusations and attempts to silence conservative voices.