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BREAKING: New Poll Shows HUGE Contrast Between Trump And DeSantis On The Issues



NBC News conducted a poll, in collaboration with YouGov, where they asked our fellow Republican voters who they trust more on various important topics: our legendary Donald Trump or the rising star Ron DeSantis.

Now, this poll is quite intriguing because it goes beyond the typical head-to-head match-up and delves into the nuances of our voters’ sentiments. A total of 359 Republican voters were surveyed between May 17-19, 2023, and here’s what they had to say:

When it comes to the economy, a whopping 61% of Republicans favor Trump, while only a measly 13% lean towards DeSantis. Boom! Trump takes the lead, no surprises there.

In terms of foreign policy, again, Trump shines brightly with 59% of Republicans trusting him, while a mere 15% go for DeSantis. Looks like our man Trump knows a thing or two about keeping our nation strong on the global stage.

Now, let’s talk about immigration, a hot-button issue that’s been making waves. Here, Trump remains a frontrunner with 56% of Republicans putting their faith in him, leaving DeSantis in the dust with a mere 12%. Trump’s got that border security game locked down!

Moving on to crime, an issue that’s been plaguing our streets and communities. Trump still has a strong following with 42% of Republicans backing him up, while DeSantis trails behind at 16%. Looks like Trump’s tough stance on crime strikes a chord with the people.

DeSantis managed to score slightly higher in one area… but not that much higher. The poll asked voters which candidate they believed had a better shot in 2024. Trump holds the lead with 59% of Republicans having faith in him, but DeSantis garnered only 27%.

What’s crystal clear from these results is that Trump is the undisputed heavyweight champion when it comes to tackling the top issues facing our great nation. DeSantis may have gained some popularity by fighting against the absurd woke culture and handling the pandemic, but guess what? Those issues weren’t even measured in the poll because they probably aren’t the top issues of this election. Trump’s got his focus on the real deal.

So, keep your eyes peeled for the 2024 election because it’s shaping up to be an exciting battle. With Trump’s dominance in the key areas that matter, there’s no doubt that he’s the leader we need to make America great again!

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