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QUESTION: Can Tucker Carlson Rebuild?



Can Tucker Carlson rebuild…his studio? After Fox News and Tucker Carlson parted ways it seems that the network spent the money and effort to dismantle a studio they had already built in home for Carlson. While of course what is theirs is theirs, it does seem pretty petty to destroy something already created since it would only cost the network more to do so. 

That being said, Carlson is taking it sitting down. In fact, he was spotted unloading supplies and tools to take care of his own construction. He was carrying an ax so for all we know he’s even chopping down his own trees to source the necessary wood. 

You can’t keep a good man and a hard worker like Tucker Carlson down for long. Anyone who took over his timeslot or that of Laura Ingrham who was similarly betrayed by the network has positioned themselves as the antithesis of a person who will fight for free speech with his own two hands. It is to be seen if that will be to their benefit or detriment but in the interim: go get em’ Tucker! 

If he builds it, we will come. 

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