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LOL! Liberals Just Can’t Handle The Truth About The Latest Trump “Scandal”



Last week, federal prosecutors alerted the media, suggesting that they might pursue charges based on leaked audio that supposedly “proves” Donald Trump took classified documents from the White House.

The problem is, this action is not actually illegal for a president. In reality, there are no specific regulations governing how presidents handle classified documents. Existing regulations in this area consist of executive orders or agency codes that oversee the actions of agents, agencies, and cabinet members, not the executive himself.

Corinne had a discussion about this matter with Dr. Richey on one of the most liberal networks out there, and it turned into quite a one-sided debate. As a result, she has been receiving a lot of hateful and fact-free messages. It would be wonderful if you could leave a kind comment for Corinne since there are far too many disrespectful comments circulating right now! Let’s spread some positivity!

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