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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s Latest Project Is PATHETIC



It seems Hillary Clinton just can’t resist meddling in the political landscape, even after her embarrassing defeat to Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

This time, she’s using her pet advocacy group, Onward Together, to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars into the pockets of extreme left-wing climate activists.

And what have these activists been up to? Vandalizing priceless works of art, all in the name of climate change. (cause…obviously??)

According to Hillary’s own tax filings for 2021-2022, Onward Together donated a whopping $300,000 to an organization called the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF). Sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong. This so-called “nonviolent protest” group claims to be all about shifting climate change policies, but their tactics are anything but peaceful.

While CEF may not directly engage in vandalizing art, they have no problem doling out thousands of dollars to organizations that do. One such group is Just Stop Oil, and their track record is truly jaw-dropping. These hooligans have made a name for themselves by splashing tomato juice on an $84 million Van Gogh painting. Yes, they actually attempted to deface a masterpiece with tomato juice. But that’s not all. They’ve also damaged a Van Gogh frame by gluing themselves to it, sprayed countless luxury showrooms with orange paint, and even had the audacity to lock themselves to the net at the French Open.

So, basically, they’re EXTREMELY annoying.

And guess what? Hillary’s generous donation to CEF was the largest contribution made by Onward Together during the 2021-22 tax period. It’s clear where her priorities lie. While hardworking Americans are struggling to make ends meet, she’s busy bankrolling these destructive activists. It’s just another example of the out-of-touch liberal elite pushing their radical agenda at the expense of everyday people.

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