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BREAKING: Is The Biden Bribery Scandal Even Worse Than We Thought?



Buckle up because we have some spicy drama for you today.

After much pushing and shoving, the FBI finally decided to let the House Oversight Committee take a peek at some classified documents relating to the Biden family scandals.

And guess what? These documents spilled the tea on Joe Biden’s alleged bribery scheme during his Vice Presidential days.

The public is so close to getting the truth… but the FBI is doing everything they can to keep the info from going public.

In fact, they only let Oversight Chairman James Comer and ranking Democrat Jamie Raskin view the evidence in a super-secure location – with no witnesses and no cameras.

But Comer is sharing the deets on what he learned from his exclusive documentary viewing experience.

According to him, it seems like there’s a pattern of bribery going on. Payments were made through sneaky shell accounts and multiple banks. If that isn’t enough to make your eyebrows raise, he even dropped a fancy term for it — money laundering. Shady, shady business.

But… there’s more! The FBI officials themselves confirmed that these documents are the real deal. And guess what? They’re using them in an ongoing investigation. Also, the confidential human source who spilled the beans in these documents is apparently a highly-credible informant, a real FBI MVP, who has been in the game for over a decade.

So, what’s the next?

Since the FBI is still playing hard to get and refusing to hand over the documents to the whole committee, Congress is going to have to play tough. The House Oversight Committee has decided to take things up a notch and kick off Contempt of Congress hearings against the big cheese himself, FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Game on.

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