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BREAKING: Was There Just ANOTHER Huge Cyber Attack?



Another day, another massive global cyberattack wreaking havoc on our precious government agencies. It’s almost comical how vulnerable they are. I mean, seriously, did anyone expect the agencies in charge of cybersecurity to have their act together when it comes to cybersecurity?

According to the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), this latest cyber onslaught was made possible by exploiting software vulnerabilities in a file transfer software called MOVEit that’s apparently popular among these agencies. Well, isn’t that just fantastic? Only the best taxpayer-funded products for us!

The biggest problem here? This isn’t some isolated incident.

This is just ONE MORE hack in a long line of recent attacks that have shamelessly exploited software vulnerabilities. It’s like these hackers have a field day, laughing at the incompetence of our so-called cyber defenses.

Maybe it’s time for our esteemed government agencies to wake up and smell the coffee. Perhaps they should invest more in robust cybersecurity measures and stop relying on outdated software that’s practically begging to be exploited.

But hey, who am I to suggest such radical ideas?

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