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BREAKING: We Have PROOF The Mainstream Media Is Covering For Biden



The mainstream media has been caught red-handed, showing off their biased ways once again. I mean, seriously, can we trust them anymore?

Heroes at the Media Research Center decided to dig deep and compare how the big networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS covered two big stories: the alleged Biden bribery scandal and Trump’s indictment. And they found exactly what we’d probably expect to find!

Between June 8 and 12, right after these stories broke, they saw a HUGE difference in how much attention each story got. Trump’s scandal got a whopping 291 minutes of coverage. Yeah, you read that right—291 minutes! They practically dissected every single detail and made sure everyone heard about it. But what about Biden’s story? Oh, it didn’t even get a minute. Not even a measly second. Zero coverage. Can you believe it?

This whole mess just goes to show that mainstream media is playing favorites. They’ve got their own sneaky agenda, trying to twist public opinion and protect their buddies in politics. And what happened to their duty to report the news honestly and fairly? It’s like they forgot all about that. They’re too busy pushing their own beliefs and brainwashing us with their propaganda.

It’s no wonder people are starting to question everything. If the media can’t even give equal attention to important stories, how can we trust them? We need to be smart and seek out other sources of information. Don’t rely only on those big-shot networks. Look for alternative voices that can give you a more balanced view of things. 

Or at least a more openly biased viewpoint, like we do here at

We’re not buying into their tricks anymore.