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BREAKING: Do Voters Want Kamala Harris To Replace Joe Biden?



Looks like we’ve got some real confidence coming from the Democrats!

A recent poll from Suffolk University/USA Today shows that a whopping 53.3% of Biden voters are “very comfortable” with the idea of Kamala Harris stepping up to the plate and taking over as president if Sleepy Joe just can’t handle the job for a second term.

If I’m Team Biden and I’m looking at these numbers, my first thought is, “YIKES!”

Because, firstly, this will most likely contribute to what is rumored to be an already tense relationship between the Bidens and VP Harris. Secondly, it means Biden is incredibly unpopular. Kamala Harris has never been a big hit with the base of the Democratic Party. She dropped out of the 2020 Democratic primary with less than 1% of the vote! But now, Biden is in such terrible shape that more than half of voters prefer someone as unpopular as Harris over him!

I don’t think this reflects any particular enthusiasm for Kamala Harris or “hope” that she would take over. I see it more as a reflection of the Democrats’ total exhaustion with Biden’s obvious mental incompetencies, frequent policy failures, and countless embarrassing blunders.

Personally, I am especially pleased with the Democrats hitching their wagon to Biden OR Harris in 2024 because I don’t see a path forward for either of them. I’m sure other Republicans feel similarly. But I just don’t think this is not a great sign for the overall health of the Democrat Party, and it is definitely a bad sign for this particular ticket. This is NOT where you want to be heading into a highly competitive race in 2024.

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