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BREAKING: Trans Members Of The Military Get Some Pretty Sweet Perks…On Your Dime



So, right after Joe Biden became President, he lifted the ban that President Trump had on transgender people serving in the military.

Now, under Biden, it looks like transgender servicemembers are even getting special perks that other military members don’t have!

The Department of Defense recently shared a 34-page memo called “CARE OF SERVICEMEMBERS WHO IDENTIFY AS TRANSGENDER” that talks about the services and treatments paid for by taxpayers for transgender servicemembers at the Womack Army Medical Center in Fort Liberty.

The list includes things like cross-sex hormones, breast/chest surgery (they call it “upper surgery”), genital surgery (they call it “lower surgery”), speech/voice therapy, and even laser hair removal. (HOW does that help military preparedness!?)

They also noted that, if a transgender person decides to take the cross-sex hormones, they get THREE HUNDRED DAYS OFF. During this time, they can’t be deployed for military duties. It’s like a long vacation paid for by taxpayers.

This all sounds so good I kinda wanna be trans in the military now!

Which is the real problem. Perks like this create a ripe environment for abuse. It’s entirely possible that someone might join the military, have taxpayers pay for their sex change, which can cost over $100,000, and then enjoy a super long break on the government’s dime. And THAT’Snot making America stronger or safer, which is really the whole point of the military.

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