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WTF?! Hillary Clinton Is Blaming Trump Supporters For… Summer?



You won’t believe the latest nonsense coming from Hillary Clinton! The woman just can’t resist taking a dig at Trump-supporting Republicans, even for the summer heat.

According to twice-failed presidential candidate, “MAGA Republicans” are responsible for the hot weather.

Oh, give me a break! The audacity of blaming a group of patriotic Americans for natural seasonal changes is beyond absurd. But hey, it’s typical leftist behavior to point fingers and play the blame game.

Newsflash, Hillary: it’s called summer! You know, that time of the year when temperatures rise in America? It’s been happening FOR, oh, I don’t know, EVER! But leave it to an angry leftist to try and stir up a climate crisis hysteria over something as ordinary as summertime heat.

But hey, let’s play along with her delusional claims for a moment. Even if we were to entertain her wild theories, does she honestly think that “MAGA Republicans” – a group that has been around for just a few years – could single-handedly alter the climate? It’s just us, doing all that?

That’s just laughable! (I wish we were that powerful, honestly!)

Let’s all take a moment to roll our eyes at Hillary’s latest attempt to stay relevant. Blaming Trump-supporting Republicans for the summer heat? Please, spare us the drama a

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