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WOAH! DOJ Steps In To Help The Bidens AGAIN!!!



Well, well, well, it looks like the Biden Department of Justice just couldn’t resist making some new drama!

They’ve sent a letter to Judge Ronnie Abrams, asking for the arrest of Hunter Biden’s business partner, Devon Archer, right before his big day of testifying before the House Oversight Committee. Talk about timing!

In case ya don’t know, Archer and Hunter were partners in some so-called “advisory” firm that conveniently pocketed millions from shady foreign folks, all for a little chat with then-Vice President Joe Biden. Huge conflict of interest. (Integrity, what’s that?)

But… hold your breath. Because the DOJ’s request for Archer’s arrest is supposedly unrelated to his shady dealings with Hunter. Supposedly, it’s about an entirely different conviction! Archer’s out on bail, but the DOJ thinks it’s the perfect time to shake things up. CONVENIENT!

Archer’s lawyer is quick to claim “intimidation”, saying the DOJ’s trying to mess with his testimony before the House. And anyone who is paying attention would have to agree that seems like the obvious motive. But Archer’s got guts, and he’s ready to give the House committee the truth, no matter what they throw his way.

Social media and Congress are having a field day with this DOJ maneuver, calling it a shameless attempt to scare off a witness. And after all the uproar, the DOJ basically said “Oops! Our bad! We’ll wait until he’s done talking before we arrest him.” LOL!

But we’re not fooled by the convenient backtracking. The original letter wasn’t meant to have teeth. It was meant to warn Archer. They were saying, “Hey, buddy, play nice, or else!”

And there’s no doubt he got the message!

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