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BREAKING: Is Joe Biden The “Most Compromised” President EVER?



After Devin Archer’s explosive testimony, Rep. Byron Donalds is saying what we’re all thinking.

Biden is the “most compromised” president in the history of the United States.

In an appearance on “Rob Schmitt Tonight” on Monday, Donalds voiced his concerns, saying, “This stinks to high heaven. This is corruption,”

“Hunter Biden is the bag man, and Joe Biden is the influence peddler, pure and simple. We have never had a president compromised like this in the history of our country.”

Donalds highlighted the testimony of Devon Archer, a former business partner of the Bidens, which unveiled a disturbing connection between the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma and the Biden administration. It appears that Burisma executives reached out to Washington, D.C., in an effort to ensure the firing of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was investigating the company at the time.

The evidence allegedly includes emails and texts from 2016, indicating that Hunter Biden and another family member, potentially Joe Biden, received substantial payments totaling $10 million for their role in orchestrating the prosecutor’s dismissal. Hunter Biden, with no relevant expertise, was appointed to the company’s board and received an astonishing $80,000 per month.

“We know that Burisma hired Hunter Biden because he was an idiot, but was an idiot connected to Joe Biden,” Donalds asserted. “Those are the fact patterns that exist.”

Donalds pointed out that while the investigation into Burisma was ongoing, the company faced difficulties in raising capital for its operations in the United States. He further highlighted Joe Biden’s apparent boasting about getting the prosecutor fired, suggesting a questionable influence exerted by the Biden family.

Given the mounting evidence,Donalds believes that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., will likely initiate an impeachment inquiry into President Biden this fall. “I don’t think we need much more [evidence] at this point,” he stated. “This is not even a call for Speaker McCarthy. I think he is going to make this call over the August recess. The [House] Judiciary Committee led by Chairman [Jim] Jordan – they are going to start their process, and it is high time all the information comes forward.”

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