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LOL! Fake News Attacks Trump And It Does NOT Go Well



Fox News Chief Political Analyst Brit Hume recently shared his perspective on former President Donald Trump’s time in office.

And it did NOT go well.

Hume’s opinion came in response to a video by conservative commentator Charlie Kirk. Kirk argued that some people oppose Trump despite his accomplishments as president. Hume responded by questioning why these individuals would work to prevent Trump from serving a second term if he was truly successful.

In reply, Hume suggested, “Oh, I don”t know. Maybe they don’t want a repeat of a failed presidency. Just guessing here.”

Hume did not provide further details about what he meant by “failed president.” Of course, Trump achieved several significant successes during his time in office.

It didn’t take long for conservative influencers to jump in and share how they felt about Brit’s out-of-touch tweet.

Even Donald Trump Jr. shared his thoughts on the matter.

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