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YIKES! DeSantis Influencer Appears To Have A Complete Meltdown



The DeSantis campaign has been running a rather sophisticated influencer operation, involving established Twitter accounts collaborating to disseminate organized talking points to amplify key campaign messages.

However, the campaign has encountered a few recent challenges. For instance, Pedro engaged in an unnecessary confrontation with Matt Boyle, which backfired when Pedro’s leaked messages were exposed, leading to his downfall.

Another setback involves John Cardillo, a surrogate for DeSantis, who appears to be having a (very) public meltdown. A quick glance at his tweets reveals a series of unhinged posts.

He also retweeted THIS which seems like a mistake.

Is this REALLY the kind of image Ron DeSantis wants to project before an important primary? Considering he needs to secure the support of Trump voters to secure victory, these messages are counterproductive and even offensive. Moreover, they come across as outdated and uninspired, given the use of lazy language like “retard,” which has really fallen out of favor in recent years. What is this, 2004?! (It’s worth clarifying that I’m not personally offended, but I find that language incredibly unnecessary and stupid.)

My only optimistic interpretation here is that Cardillo’s public breakdown may have been prompted by his dismissal from the DeSantis campaign. It would be astonishing – even for me – to believe the campaign tolerated such blatant incompetence.

But then again, they do have a history of standing by individuals like Pedro, who have expressed anti-Semitic views.

It remains to be seen how he Cardillo situation will be addressed. Will we get a public apology? A notification of his firing? A half-hearted defense of his nonsense?

I’ll be waiting.

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