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Trump Derangement Syndrome

BREAKING: Why Is DeSantis Hiring Guys Like This?



Ron DeSantis is hiring influencers like Pedro L. Gonzalez in preparation for his 2024 presidential run and let me tell you, it’s a bad idea.

Cause this guy is a big fat liar.

In just the past few weeks, Pedro has been caught deceptively presenting a clip of Donald Trump Jr. to push an outrageous and out-of-context talking point. 

And when confronted about it, he refused to correct the record. He doubled down on a lie, even when the literal transcripts proved it was FAKE NEWS!!

That’s exactly the kind of behavior we expect from the mainstream – but from Team RDS? Gross.

But it’s a pattern for Pedro.

Pedro also recently blamed “Team Trump” for an auto-checked “monthly donation” on a fundraising email that was clearly drafted by Steve Scalise.

And again, when called out on it, he refused to correct the record.

This is especially embarrassing because his own pictures proved him wrong.

And then…

Just yesterday, Pedro had the audacity to take aim at Breitbart’s editor, Matt Boyle, claiming he had leaked texts “proving” Boyle censored a pro-DeSantis story about the Bud Light boycott by indefinitely “holding” it from publishing on 

He whined that this “censorship” was “illustrative of a broader trend: Trump has a hold over important parts of the conservative media and influencer ecosystem, either by putting people on payroll or, as in the case of Boyle, trading access for favorable coverage, according to people familiar with the matter.”

A very serious accusation!

But get this, Boyle actually ran the very same story Pedro claimed was censored. It’s right up there on the website and easily found with the search feature. 

That’s right, Pedro didn’t even bother to check the facts before spouting off about the journalistic integrity of Breitbart’s editor. (The irony is not lost on me…)

So what’s Pedro’s real motive here? He’s clearly not trying to win a Pulitzer anytime soon with the line of gossip he’s spewing. 

It seems that his sole purpose is just to create division between “MAGA” and the DeSantis crowd. He wants to destroy the credibility of anyone with close ties to Trump, and he doesn’t care if he has to lie to do it. 

But let me tell you, Pedro made a big mistake by going after Matt Boyle. Boyle is one of the best people in this industry, and anyone who has ever met him knows he’s a stand-up guy. Pedro’s lies and attacks can’t touch Matt. Instead, they have only destroyed his own credibility… and that of Ron DeSantis.

People have criticized Trump for his hiring choices in the past, and some are even pointing to that as a reason to support Ron DeSantis in the future. But we have to ask ourselves, can we really trust someone who would hire an unapologetic, anti-conservative liar like Pedro? 

To be perfectly honest….

No, I can’t.