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EEEK! Mike Pence Films His Own Biden-Level Gaffe For Everyone To See



Former Vice President Mike Pence, a 2024 presidential hopeful, has recently found himself in the spotlight due to a rather noticeable misstep captured in a new promotional video outlining his energy policy stance. The video, released earlier this week, depicts Pence at a gas station, filling up a red pickup truck while critiquing the energy policies of the Biden administration and presenting his alternative vision, which he aims to implement should he secure the presidency next November.

While positioned at the gas pump, Pence initiates a conversation about the days of affordable $2-a-gallon gas, creating a contrast with the perceived impact of President Joe Biden’s tenure and his perceived “war on energy.”

But it just gets an awkward moment when Pence engages with the gas pump. Rather than actually dispensing fuel, he seems to just lift the nozzle from its holster and insert it into the gas tank without the subsequent steps of selecting a fuel grade or activating the trigger to release the gasoline flow into the vehicle. This omission is accompanied by the discernible sound of the pump emitting a series of beeps, typically signaling the user to make a fuel grade selection before initiating the refueling process. Furthermore, Pence refrains from mimicking the action of pulling the trigger on the pump handle, a necessary step to commence the fueling process once the fuel type has been chosen and payment has been processed.

It’s pretty weird.

One might wonder why the production team opted to retain this unscripted moment, complete with the beeping sound, rather than editing it out for a smoother presentation.

This decision raises questions about the overall preparedness of Pence and his team for the rigorous demands of the political arena, particularly in the context of a presidential campaign.

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