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LOL! Fake News Proves They Just Don’t Understand Conservative Voters



MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is clearly struggling to comprehend the existence of Republicans. This sentiment became evident on Friday when he recounted an anecdote about being utterly astonished by two Trump supporters. Among them, one aligned with Trump’s policies but held a differing viewpoint from the former president on abortion.

During a panel discussion on “The Morning Joe,” he delved into the topic of abortion, asserting that it would wield significant influence in the 2024 elections. According to Scarborough, feedback from focus groups indicates that voters lean towards endorsing more pro-abortion policies.

As an example, Scarborough referred to a focus group that included an individual who, as per Scarborough, embraced all of Trump’s “conspiracy” theories. However, this person took a pro-choice stance on the issue of abortion. The aspect that truly amazed him was that an individual could possess a minor variance of opinion from the ex-president yet still maintain their support for him.

“Here’s an issue…this is not just the dog chasing the car, catching the car and not knowing what to do with the car. This is the dog chasing the car, catching the car, the car stopping and running over it like ten times, forwards and backwards.”

“The issue of abortion right now, undefeated. Americans are mad and I will tell you there’s always focus groups, sometimes you see focus groups and you’re like ‘cmon man.’ But there have been a couple of focus groups that have really cut through. There was one back in 2016 where we had a working class woman who loved Harley’s, tattoos all over her and they said, ‘why do you like Donald Trump?’ and the answer was, ‘Because he’s one of us.’ And we all looked around the table like, ‘oh shit.’

It’s highly likely that this sentiment will resurface in 2024 as well. LOL!

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