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WHAT?! Barack Obama Has A LinkedIn And It’s Accidentally HILARIOUS



Remember that guy, Barack Obama? Yeah, the one who some of us might not exactly call the best president ever? Well, guess what?

Apparently, he’s got himself a LinkedIn account now. I know, surprising, right? And let me tell ya, it’s quite the sight to see – in a bad way. But it’s so bad that it actually circles back into being good again.

One twitter user caught wind of it and decided to share a screenshot.

And people, myself included, just can’t seem to wrap our heads around why one of the most famous guys on the planet would even bother with a LinkedIn profile. I mean, seriously, what’s the deal? Why? What is the reason?

Maybe the answer is actually: for our entertainment!

On his digital resume, Obama lays out his academic achievements, which are both impressive and annoying. He shows off his summer reading list, too, which honestly sounds a bit on the dull side. But the real kicker? It’s his work history.

It’s hilariously casual.

But we see a big problem with the whole thing.

The man doesn’t have a single job listed after his time in office wrapped up. Now, let’s think about this for a sec – that’s not exactly a great look in today’s job market, right? I mean, seriously, I don’t see anything on there past 2017.

Can someone please explain that massive gap in your resume, Mr. Obama?

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