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BREAKING: Did The House Really DESTROY Evidence That Exonerates Trump??



In recent news, former President Donald Trump has made a serious accusation against the Democrat-led Jan. 6 House Select Committee, claiming that they have unlawfully destroyed important records and documents. This accusation comes after the Biden administration accused Trump of mishandling classified documents.

Trump, who now holds the power to issue subpoenas due to what he refers to as a “Freedom of Speech Sham Indictment” by President Biden, Jack Smith, and the Department of Justice (DOJ), expressed his concerns on Truth Social, a platform he uses. He stated, “It has just been reported that the Unselect January 6th Committee of Political Hacks and Thugs has illegally destroyed their Records and Documents.” He went on to say that this situation is unacceptable, comparing it to what he believes was a rigged and corrupt Presidential Election in 2020.

Importantly, Trump is not alone in raising these concerns. Representative Barry Loudermilk, who leads the Subcommittee on Oversight for the Committee on House Administration, shared similar sentiments. He spoke to Fox News and revealed that the partisan Jan. 6 panel definitely failed to properly safeguard documents, data, and video recordings.

Last week, Trump entered a plea of not guilty to charges alleging his involvement in a criminal conspiracy. Prosecutors claim that this conspiracy aimed to deceive the American people by attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

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