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WOW! Biden’s Shady Business Deals Just Got A Whole Lot Shadier… Get The Details



In a surprising turn of events, Representative James Comer has unveiled a complex network of secrecy that Joe Biden utilized during his time as Vice President. Astonishingly, Biden adopted fake names like ‘Robert Peters’ and ‘JRB Ware’ to obscure his communications, a strategy that has stirred curiosity and sparked many questions.

Leading the House Oversight Committee, Comer has taken a crucial step towards greater openness by sending a letter to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). His request is clear yet very important: he’s asking for complete access to a collection of documents and messages from the period when Joe Biden was Vice President, overlapping with his son Hunter Biden’s intricate involvements in Ukraine.

In the letter addressed to NARA, Comer carefully explains the various fake names that have long been suspected to be aliases used by Joe Biden. Among these false names are identities like “Robert L. Peters,” “Robert Ware,” and “JRB Ware.” These names held more significance than just surface labels; they were closely linked to emails connected to Hunter’s business activities overseas.

One specific email that the House Oversight Committee closely examined surprisingly contained Joe Biden’s schedule, highlighting an important meeting with then-Ukrainian President Poroshenko. Interestingly, this email was exclusively sent to “Robert L. Peters” and Hunter Biden, enveloping the situation in layers of secrecy.

What stands out in this complex puzzle is Joe Biden’s consistent denial of having any knowledge of his son’s ventures beyond American borders. Despite the intricate connections, Biden has firmly stuck to his position, asserting that he had no role in his son’s overseas business transactions.

At the same time, Hunter Biden’s involvement with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma takes a prominent place in this story. Earning an impressive monthly payment of $83,000 for his position on the company’s board, Hunter’s partner Devon Archer has resolutely labeled these payments as an investment in the Biden “brand.”

In a message that resonates deeply, the House Oversight Committee stated, “If there is even a hint of overlap between Joe Biden’s official responsibilities as Vice President and his son’s activities in Ukraine, the American public deserves complete clarity.”

The investigation process keeps moving forward as the House Oversight Committee gives NARA a strict deadline of August 31 to provide all the requested materials. The nation watches with anticipation as the layers of false names and secrecy are peeled back, revealing the underlying truth.

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