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YIKES! New Drama For The Biden Family As Joe TAKES A BREAK From Troubled Hunter



Well, it seems like President Joe Biden has decided to take a break from spending time with his son, Hunter Biden, who is dealing with a lot of legal issues. You might be wondering, did President Biden finally notice all the trouble, or is he just trying to avoid the whole situation? Let’s look into the details.

It’s been a while since we saw President Biden and his son Hunter together in public. The last time was on the Fourth of July at the White House – a patriotic meeting indeed. But since then, Hunter has been nowhere to be seen. It’s a big change from before when they were always together, going to Camp David and attending events with world leaders.

People close to President Biden apparently advised him to keep some distance from Hunter. According to NBC News, these advisers suggested that he stay away from his son during all this mess. But President Biden is making it clear that he won’t let anyone tell him what to do when it comes to his family.

Hunter’s legal troubles are quite the ongoing story. The House Oversight Committee keeps finding more evidence about his international activities and business deals. Just when he thought he had a deal with the Department of Justice (DOJ), things fell apart. The Attorney General brought in a special counsel to look deeper into Hunter’s situation. Drama alert!

The once-close image of the Biden family is starting to fall apart. During recent testimony, Hunter’s former business partner, Devon Archer, revealed that Joe and Hunter talked about their business deals a lot. This is surprising since Joe once said he didn’t talk business with his son. Someone’s not being honest here.

Hold on, because it gets even more interesting. The Bidens are being accused of getting more than $20 million from foreign sources while Joe was vice president. And there’s talk about Hunter’s financial dealings getting special treatment from the DOJ. It’s like watching a legal soap opera.

Hunter’s legal team tried to avoid a serious gun charge by agreeing to lesser charges. But the judge wasn’t happy about it, and now there might be a trial. The prosecutors also seem keen on making a big show out of it.

The White House’s story has changed too. Suddenly, Hunter is just a regular citizen, not the president’s son. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is saying that Hunter is trying to rebuild his life, and the Bidens still care about him. But President Biden won’t pardon him if he’s found guilty. How interesting!

So there you have it – the Bidens are going through quite the dramatic situation as Hunter deals with his legal problems. Will President Biden keep his distance from his son? Will Hunter’s legal story end up in a courtroom showdown?

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