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BREAKING: Biden’s Border Betrayal – Floodgates Welded Open for Illegals!



As concerned citizens, it’s imperative that we address the concerning reality unfolding at our southern border under the Biden administration. The situation has escalated to the point where it’s impossible to ignore the gravity of the consequences that stem from the “welded open” floodgates in Arizona.

Recent reports have revealed that the illegal entry point in Tuscan has become the epicenter of the unregulated influx of migrants into our nation. Shockingly, these migrants hail from countries as distant as Senegal, Mauritania, India, and China, according to accounts shared on Instagram by James Breeden.

What’s more concerning is the manner in which these individuals are entering the United States. Exploiting our country’s hospitality, many illegal immigrants are acquiring plane tickets and traversing Mexico, all while deceitfully posing as “refugees.” This manipulation of our asylum system has allowed them to navigate the border with ease, demonstrating the failure of the Biden administration to take decisive action.

Disturbingly, it has also come to light that these illegal immigrants are purposely discarding their identification documents and passports prior to crossing. This calculated tactic further obstructs the process of potential deportation, compounding the difficulties in addressing this issue effectively.

Adding fuel to the fire, recent media coverage has unveiled a disconcerting truth about the Biden regime’s intentions. Reports confirm that the administration is actively selling off materials from the border wall constructed under the previous administration. This strategic dismantling, disposal, and auctioning of crucial border wall components is alarming and raises serious questions about the administration’s commitment to safeguarding our nation.

Even the Pentagon has confirmed these reports, admitting to selling what they refer to as “wall materials.” This revelation is a stark reminder that the administration’s priorities seem to be focused on profiting from the situation rather than addressing the pressing concerns regarding our border security.

It’s evident that the Biden administration’s actions, or lack thereof, provide a clear picture of their disinterest in effectively securing our nation’s border. As concerned citizens, we must demand accountability and transparency, urging our leaders to prioritize the safety and sovereignty of our country over political agendas. The consequences of this unchecked immigration could be far-reaching, impacting our economy, national security, and the very fabric of our society.

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