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BREAKING: Have You Heard Trump’s EPIC Statement On COVID Tyranny?



Former President Donald Trump has once again proven himself to be a staunch defender of freedom and individual rights, firing back at institutions attempting to reintroduce suffocating mask mandates in the name of COVID. His resolute message, “We will not comply,” echoes the sentiments of millions of Americans who refuse to be shackled by unnecessary restrictions.

In a powerful video statement shared on social media, Trump took aim at the left’s relentless push to fan the flames of “COVID hysteria,” a ploy that has sadly become all too common. Private institutions, hospital operators, and even colleges have yielded to this fear-driven narrative by mandating masks once more, citing the emergence of new coronavirus variants.

Trump, never one to shy away from speaking his mind, expressed his strong disdain for what he aptly dubs “COVID tyrants.” His message, delivered with an air of unwavering determination, was clear: “To every COVID tyrant who wants to take away our freedom, hear these words: We will not comply. So don’t even think about it.”

Critics might point to perceived shortcomings in the previous administration’s response to the pandemic, particularly regarding advice from figures like Dr. Anthony Fauci. However, let’s not forget that Trump’s leadership was marked by rapid vaccine development and an economy that, before the pandemic hit, was experiencing historic growth.

What sets Trump’s tenure apart, and something that resonates deeply with his supporters, is his refusal to impose heavy-handed mandates that infringe upon individual liberties. This principle is a cornerstone of conservative ideology – the belief that personal freedom should not be sacrificed at the altar of government control. Trump’s assertion reflects a key lesson learned from navigating the pandemic’s challenges: “We will not shut down our schools. We will not accept your lockdowns. We will not abide by your mask mandates, and we will not tolerate your vaccine mandates.”

And he doesn’t stop there. Trump’s commitment to preserving freedom extends to the financial realm, as he vowed to wield his authority to impact the bank accounts of institutions that dare to impose mandates or lockdowns. “When I’m back in the White House, I will use every available authority to cut federal funding to any school, college, airline, or public transportation system that imposes a mask mandate or a vaccine mandate,” he declared.

In the end, Trump’s statement serves as a rallying cry for those who value personal choice and individual responsibility over government overreach. It’s an unequivocal rejection of attempts by so-called “COVID tyrants” to curtail our freedoms. The former President’s words stand as a testament to his unwavering commitment to liberty and a reminder that he is ready to stand up for the American people when it matters most.

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