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BREAKING: Why Is AOC Lying About This?



Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has recently raised eyebrows with her choice of words on House Ethics Committee documents, referring to her fiancé as her “spouse.” This unexpected development could potentially land the socialist congresswoman in legal hot water.

The engagement of AOC and Riley Roberts was officially announced in May 2022. However, what’s raising questions is AOC’s use of the term “spouse” on her travel disclosure forms for both 2022 and 2023. This is a departure from her previous filings, where she did not employ such terminology.

The burning question remains: Is she legally married to Roberts? AOC’s spokeswoman, Lauren Hitt, came forward to clarify that they are not legally wedded, suggesting that the term “spouse” may have been utilized because of their long-term commitment to each other.

If indeed they are not married, it raises the serious issue of potential misrepresentation on her ethics filings. This could be a significant breach of congressional rules. Members of Congress are obligated to disclose their spouse’s financial information, a critical step that AOC and Roberts have seemingly sidestepped. Willful misrepresentation in such matters could have dire consequences, including criminal prosecution, hefty penalties, and even imprisonment.

What adds an intriguing layer to this situation is AOC’s own push for greater transparency among elected officials, particularly regarding stock ownership. If Riley is legally her husband and has not disclosed his financial holdings, it raises questions about whether AOC is truly practicing what she preaches during her tenure in Congress.

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