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Biden’s Slip-Ups Haunting Democrats: Here’s Their Embarrassing Plan to Avoid Another Blunder!



Joe Biden’s administration appears to be pulling out all the stops to shield the 80-year-old commander-in-chief from potential mishaps in the lead-up to the crucial 2024 election.

In his tenure spanning 2.5 years, Biden has been the subject of unfortunate incidents that have left a stain on his public image. The two most notable episodes that garnered widespread attention include Biden’s tumble from his bicycle during a leisurely ride in Delaware last summer and his fall on stage during the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, which he blamed on a sandbag.

When you take a step back, it becomes evident that the Democrats’ deepest fear revolves around the possibility of another cringe-worthy Biden incident transpiring right before the electorate heads to the polls next year. Their strategists are hard at work implementing measures to stave off such a public relations disaster:

  • Biden has embarked on a regimen of sessions with a physical therapist aimed at enhancing his balance and coordination.
  • In a notable sartorial shift, Biden is favoring sneakers over the more precarious dress shoes.
  • Given Biden’s unfortunate history of stumbles while ascending the Air Force One stairs, his handlers have him utilizing the lower deck entrance, where the steps are considerably less daunting.

Adding to the growing concerns about Biden’s physical fitness, a recent survey indicated that a significant 77% of Americans perceive him as “too advanced in years to be effective” should he secure a second term. Remarkably, this sentiment transcends partisan lines, with a noteworthy 69% of Democrats sharing these apprehensions.

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