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BREAKING: Is Jim Jordan OFFICIALLY The Next Speaker Of The House?



House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan is surging ahead in his quest to secure the position of the next Speaker of the House, and today’s vote to fill the vacant position is poised to reflect his momentum.

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s removal from office can be attributed to his inability to control excessive spending, address the crisis at the southern border, pursue impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden, and neutralize the weaponized Department of Justice.

Given the narrow Republican majority in the House, with a count of 221 to 212, Jordan can only afford to lose four GOP votes.

Here are the latest developments in Jim Jordan’s campaign: Recent reports suggest that the majority of his opposition has dwindled, as key holdouts have now thrown their support behind the Ohio Congressman. Notably, even House Armed Services Committee Chair Mike Rogers, who previously asserted that there was nothing Jordan could do to gain his endorsement, has now officially endorsed him.

Nevertheless, some roadblocks still remain, as several Republicans have not yet publicly declared their stance, and at least five have expressed their opposition to Jordan. These include Representatives Mike Lawler, Carlos A. Giménez, Mario Diaz-Balart, Don Bacon, and Ken Buck.

Yesterday, Jordan expressed his determination, stating, “We need to elect a Speaker tomorrow. I felt confident as I walked into the conference, and I’m even more optimistic now.”

Jim Jordan holds a special place in the hearts of MAGA voters. Throughout events like Russia-gate and impeachment proceedings, he has consistently been one of former President Trump’s staunchest defenders in Congress. However, this loyalty to Trump and his alignment with the MAGA movement have also made him a target for some establishment Republicans who are critical of his ties to MAGA-world.

A floor vote is scheduled for today,

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