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WOW! Did The Biden-Xi Meeting Go REALLY BADLY?



In a recent encounter at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in San Francisco, President Joe Biden engaged in a second meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping after over a year of minimal communication.

The Biden administration has disclosed pacts aimed at reinstating military communications, addressing the fentanyl issue originating from China, and joint efforts in tackling climate change.

Skepticism surrounds the feasibility of these agreements, given China’s track record of failing to fulfill its commitments. President Biden underscored the importance of enhanced communication, while President Xi raised questions about the nature of their relationship, pondering whether they are adversaries or partners.

Notably, President Biden referred to President Xi as a “dictator,” a characterization that stirred discomfort among officials.

The absence of a joint statement further signifies persisting tensions between the two nations.

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