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BREAKING: Is Football Over For Kelce?



Jason Kelce has announced he will not be joining the Eagles or any other football team next year. Before the announcement of his retirement, Kelce played center for the Eagles and is quite likely the most famous ‘center’ to ever play the game. Sure a handful of devoted fans might be able to name another center or one from years prior. But fans everywhere and of all levels of devotion to the National Football League (NFL) know the name Jason Kelce and it’s not just because of his brother Travis (though having a famous brother has never hurt a footballer see: the Mannings, Watts, Barbers etc). 

Kelce was drafted to the Eagles in 2011 and played for them his entire career up until now. At 6’3 and 295 lbs, Kelce has always been a dominant center (the center is the player who snaps the ball and offensively defends the Quarterback from directly in front of him). By 2023, he was the highest paid center of all time.

Jason Kelce is also the father of the ‘tush push’ and his legacy will always remain. The ‘tush push’ is when a team is lined up (primarily at the goal line) and they opt to shove their Quarterback (or whoever is carrying the ball) forward through the defenders to score a touchdown (or a first down or whatever the situation may be). Technically the move has been legal since 2005 but it has been recent years, thanks largely to Jason, that the move has been perfected. Jason is so strong and calculated that the Eagles (who are the only team to employ the move very effectively) can essentially lift their Quarterback (Jalen Hurts) onto Jason’s back and he can, with the help of his offensive linemen, shove forward 3 or so yards, maybe as much as five which is huge if you’re first and goal. The move has won them more than a couple of games.

Also known as the ‘brotherly shove,’ the move is controversial because, frankly, other teams don’t have a Jason Kelce and can’t do it very well (they say it’s because of player safety but we all know the truth). Many other hater teams have been calling for it to be banned. With retirement imminent for Kelce, it won’t really matter if they ban the move because no one else can do it like he can.

Beyond his incredible contributions to the sport (including newly gained respect for an important position), Kelce has been a favorite in media. He and his brother Travis host a popular podcast about football and life called New Heights which has hundreds of thousands of followers. Prime Video produced a documentary of his life and career called Kelce which is Prime Video’s most watched documentary ever. 

Outside of football, Kelce has a very sweet family with his wife Kylie and three daughters. Free Press Fail hopes that Jason enjoys retirement with his sweet family. Maybe we’ll even see him in the now famous Arrowhead stadium box to watch his brother Travis continue on with the Chiefs. 

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