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Donald Trump’s VP Shortlist: RANKED



Recently President Trump’s team seems to have confirmed a shortlist of Vice Presidential candidates being considered to join his ticket. There are some notable absences like Senator J.D. Vance is from Ohio but what’s notable about the list beyond its diversity in ideology, gender, race, and home state is how hot everyone is.

There will be plenty of pundits lining up polling numbers and advantages and blah blah blah but I’m here to give you what you really need which is a ranking of their hotness. Not one of the individuals on this list is lacking in good looks to be very clear. This is the cream of the crop of hot politicos. 

Here are the beauty queen rankings according to me: 

Number 6 spot goes to Sen. Tim Scott

Number 5 is none other than Tulsi Gabbard

Number 4: It’s Ron DeSantis

Coming in third, second runner up is Vivek Ramaswamy 

Second hottest and first runner up: It’s Kristi Noem!

And finally the top hottie Veep short lister is: Byron Donalds! 

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