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BREAKING: Is Biden LOSING IT? New Reports Paint A Concerning Picture



Recent reports from within the White House paint a concerning picture of President Joe Biden’s demeanor and state of mind. According to NBC News, Biden has been grappling with fits of anger and anxiety over his poll numbers, leading to outbursts directed at his staff. This behavior is not only alarming but raises serious questions about his ability to effectively lead the nation.

The details revealed in the report are troubling. Biden’s reaction to poor poll numbers in states like Michigan and Georgia, reportedly triggered by criticisms of his handling of the Israel/Gaza conflict, is described as seething rage, with the President resorting to shouting and swearing at his staffers. Such behavior is unbecoming of the leader of the free world and undermines confidence in his capacity to govern.

Moreover, the conflicting advice Biden receives from his advisors seems to exacerbate his frustrations. Whether it’s concerns about his age or worries about making a misstep, the President appears to be struggling with the pressures of his office. His reported irritation at being restrained by protective aides suggests a lack of self-control, a quality crucial for anyone in a position of authority.

Equally concerning is Biden’s apparent preoccupation with comparisons to his predecessor, Barack Obama. According to Axios, Biden frequently discusses Obama and even suggests that Obama would be envious of his own accomplishments. Such remarks hint at underlying insecurities and a need for validation that is unbecoming of a leader.

President Biden’s pledge to uphold respectful behavior among his staff rings hollow in the face of these revelations. If he is unable to maintain composure and professionalism behind closed doors, how can the American people trust him to represent their interests on the world stage?

It’s time for President Biden to reflect on his conduct and consider the implications of his actions. The presidency demands a steady hand and a clear mind… and Biden just doesn’t have it.