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Dennis Quaid v Robert De Niro: Donald Trump Celebrity Showdown



Recently Dennis Quaid who has been historically apolitical came out in support of President Donald Trump citing his extreme discomfort with the weaponization of the justice system against Trump as a political opponent. 

On the flip side, Robert De Niro (who is more routinely political) came out in direct opposition to President Trump even holding a press conference outside his courtroom trial calling for his conviction/criticizing those who were outside to support the former president. He also came with the J6 Capitol Police officers which doesn’t make a ton of sense because the events of January 6 are not even in question in this particular case. 

Both men are mainstream, recognizable actors with many accolades (De Niro obviously is considered one of the the greats all though the Conservative Critic does think he would benefit from toning it down in his latest work). But let’s look outside Hollywood to see who might be more credible on their endorsement. 

-Sympathetic to homeless veterans.
-Became sober and found God after taking responsibility for drug abuse.
-Holds big Pharma accountable.
-Is married to a woman 40 years his junior (gross)
-Sympathetic to Castro selected Cuban communist leaders.
-Accused of being a hostile an inappropriate boss as well as a sexist by his assistant.
-Once sued a small town so he didn’t have to pay as much taxes on his  78-acre estate and only withdrew the lawsuit after he saw how much bad press he got.
-Is married to a woman 40 years his junior (gross)

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