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BREAKING: Is Biden Planning MORE Amnesty?



Joe Biden is at it again. Reports from CBS News indicate that the Biden administration is cooking up a massive executive order that would grant amnesty to hundreds of thousands of people who entered the United States illegally. Yes, you read that right.

The plan is to “unlock temporary legal status and potentially a path to American citizenship” for these individuals, according to five insiders familiar with the White House discussions. This isn’t just a slap on the wrist; it’s a golden ticket to legal work permits and protection from deportation, as long as they have American spouses. And if that wasn’t enough, they could also become eligible for permanent residency and even citizenship down the road.

This “parole in place” policy, as it’s called, is a blatant bypass of the immigration system. It’s an all-too-convenient workaround for those who broke the law to get here. And who are these insiders spilling the beans? Two current U.S. officials, two former officials, and a congressional official—all of whom spoke anonymously.

Let’s be real. Americans are not on board with this. A brand new CBS News poll found that 62% of Americans agree with Donald Trump’s proposed policy to deport every single illegal alien. That’s a clear majority who see the common sense in enforcing our borders and maintaining the integrity of our immigration system.

Biden’s approval ratings are already in the tank, hitting all-time lows, largely due to his disastrous open border policies. This latest move is just another nail in the coffin. The American public has had enough of these failed strategies that compromise our security and our laws.

Biden’s amnesty plan is not only out of touch with what Americans want, but it also undermines the rule of law. It’s time to support policies that prioritize the safety and well-being of American citizens. And that means standing with leaders like Donald Trump who understand the importance of a secure border and a fair immigration process.

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