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Trump Derangement Syndrome

Kamala Harris Has TDS So Bad She’s Willing To Let Americans Die For It



In some attempt to mimic real human emotion, Kamala Harris expressed her outrage at the President’s withdrawal from Syria in Tuesday night’s Democrat Debate.

“This is a crisis of Donald Trump’s making… and that’s why dude gotta go, and why when I am commander-in-chief we will stop this madness.”

Let’s just be clear…

The “crisis” between the Kurds and Turkey that she blames Donald Trump for is a territorial war between two American allies whose hostility towards one another goes as far back as ancient times.

The “madness” she promises to stop is the attempt of our American President to put American lives FIRST instead of wasting them in foreign wars — a seemingly unprecedented concept in modern times.

It seems that something as petty as the Senator’s personal feelings towards Donald Trump would guide a foreign policy that risked the lives of American soldiers for no reason at all. Not the sign of a great leader, Kamala.

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