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Conan The Dog: The Hero We Don’t Even Deserve



Conan the dog is a very good boy. His name, reported by Newsweek, was once classified because he was a special operative serving America’s armed forces in Syria. A Belgian Malinois, Conan rocketed to hero status when President Trump released his declassified photo following his integral role in bringing to justice a madman who is responsible for the death of tens of thousands of people. 

Conan’s obvious good humor despite his very dangerous job probably comes from his namesake, the famous Late Night Comedian, Conan O’Brien.

Last week, Conan pursued Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi when the rest of American Special Forces could no longer advance forward. He selflessly and without hesitation risked his life for the people in his unit and for the American people back home. Because of his relentless pursuit, the coward and murderer Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed himself with an explosive device taking the lives of several children with him and injuring Conan. 

Unlike Baghdadi – Conan was ready to face the consequences of war and the responsibility of violence. President Trump tweeted a doctored photo (from the Daily Wire) of himself awarding Conan with a medal of honor. President Trump responded to imply he was bringing Conan home to visit the White House to be honored as a hero. 

Instead of celebrating Conan, the leftist media criticized President Trump for tweeting the doctored image instead of the image of the real Medal of Honor recipient, James C. McCloughan, who saved the lives of 10 men as an Army medic in Vietnam. Now a highschool teacher, McCloughan told the New York Times (Yes – the New York Times reached out to a Medal of Honor hero thinking he’d be petty enough to be offended by a dog) he thought the photo of the dog being honored was funny and mainly he just wanted to make sure the dog was okay since he heard he was hurt. 

Conan deserves the Medal of Honor. Conan reminds us as humans that loyalty, love, and duty have the capacity to change the world. Where the Washington Post spent several days lauding this success of the criminal madman who couldn’t even face a dog if it meant the consequences of his actions, instead perhaps they could have expended more time celebrating the creature who was ready to pay the consequences of a war he had no responsibility for. Americans should, as a people,  try to be more like Conan the dog than like the editorial team of the Washington Post or any other intellectual body so corrupted by their own petty biases that they cannot even appreciate a dog saving the world from a well. 

Conan is important. He is a hero we don’t deserve.