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Devin Nunes Calls Out Fake News In EPIC Opening Statement



Source: USA Today

As the bogus impeachment hearings continue in Washington, Devin Nunes is fighting for the truth.

In an opening statement made today, the Congressman attack fake news for its misreporting of the impeachmeent proceedings, their unwillingneess to ask legitimate questions about the so-called whistleblower, the involvement of the Biden family, and Schiff’s corrupt conduct.

He also calls the inquiry what it is: a continuation of the Russia hoax.

“The media,” says Nunes, is “free to act as Democrat puppets, and they’re free to lurch from the Russia hoax to the Ukraine hoax at the direction of their puppet masters. But they cannot reasonably expect to do so without alienating half the country who voted for the President they’re trying to expel.

Americans have learned to recognize fake news when they see it, and if the mainstream press won’t give it to them straight, they’ll go elsewhere to find it—which is exactly what the American people are doing.”

You can read his full opening statement here: