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BREAKING… Adam Schiff Slips Up On His Lies About The Whistleblower



Earlier today, during the impeachment hearing, ranking member Devin Nunes questioned Lt Col Vindman and Jennifer Williams.

Vindman, Schiff’s witness, admitted during questioning he spoke with two people outside of the White House about President Trump’s infamous call. As he starts describing where the second person works, Schiff interrupts him and says “we need to protect the whistleblower.” And ends the line of questioning.

But wait, Adam… I thought Schiff didn’t know the whistleblower? If he did not know who the whistleblower is, how did he know where they work? And if he did not know where they work, how did he know to “protect the whistleblower” at this exact point in questioning?

Watch for yourself here:

VERY suspicious, Adam Schiff.