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Drudging Up A Fight



Andrew Breitbart (National Review)

It is known amongst conservative media that The Drudge Report is the gold standard. You will not find a closer horse race for “most influential journalists in history” than between Matthew Drudge and Andrew Breitbart. With Andrew tragically no longer with us, Matthew Drudge remains as the lone forefather of modern free speech. Though Breitbart still stands stronger than ever and there are new sites like Free Press Fail rising in popularity, Matthew himself is a sort of symbol of a resistance against the tyrannical party-sponsored media which has become known today as “main stream.” 

So it is no surprise that the main-stream media, when failing to convert Matthew Drudge, has decided to work toward discrediting him among his most avid readers. The Daily Beast reported that “sources” said President Trump was dissatisfied with Drudge and thought the Drudge Report was being “anti-Trump” during the Impeachment proceedings. CNN Contributor, Oliver Darcy, tweeted an image of the Drudge Report with the main headline regarding the allegations that Giuliani pushed for a “quid pro quo” in the Ukraine matter. 

Matthew Drudge (the Hill)

The media attempts at discrediting the Drudge Report are not new. The Wrap ran articles pitting The Drudge Report against another conservative outlet The Bongino Report (founded by Dan Bongino, another exciting new source of news untainted by liberal bias). Long before the recent impeachment coverage, Buzzfeed reported on new revenue protocol at The Drudge Report with the clear implication that something in the new sponsorship was unethical.

Whether or not The Drudge Report has been able to maintain a perfect conservative scorecard, it is clear that those who would benefit most from Drudge failing to aggregate stories on impeachment or failing to exist at all, are the leftists who seek to censor conservative voices. Free Press Fail will not go quietly in the night when the left comes for us (already censored repeatedly by Twitter, Facebook and DC firms), and we hope that The Drudge Report remains as stalwart.