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BREAKING: Democrats PROVE They Just LOVE Censorship!



House Democrats have once again demonstrated their affinity for censorship, this time trying to silence none other than Robert F. Kennedy Jr. during a crucial committee hearing on… you guessed it, censorship!

RFK Jr. was set to testify before the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, a committee investigating potential collusion between the Biden administration and tech giants. They were literally discussing the dangers of government censorship when the government proposed they should censor RFK. LOL!

The attempt to silence RFK Jr – this time – was based on accusations from Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She moved to censor him, citing alleged “despicable anti-Semitic and anti-Asian comments” made by Kennedy just last week.

The comments in question centered around RFK Jr.’s statements regarding an NIH-funded study conducted by Cleveland Clinic Scientists. He pointed out the argument that COVID-19 may have an ethnic targeting component, with disproportionate effects on certain races. Kennedy suggested that Caucasians and black individuals may be more vulnerable, while Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese individuals might have higher immunity levels. He clarified that he was merely discussing the findings of the scientific study.

Thankfully, the attempt at censorship was thwarted, thanks to the GOP majority who stood up for free speech and voted 10-8 to table the motion.

Reacting to this absurdity, GOP Rep. Thomas Massie pointed out the glaring irony and cognitive dissonance displayed by the Democrats. He remarked, “Wow. The irony and cognitive dissonance from the other side of the aisle [is] deafening… This is a hearing on censorship that began with an effort with a formal motion from the other side of the aisle to censor Mr. Kennedy.”

It’s quite amusing how Democrats, who claim to be champions of free expression, were so quick to stifle opposing viewpoints during a hearing specifically addressing censorship. The incident shines a spotlight on the Democrats’ hypocrisy, exposing their double standards and their true stance on free speech.

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