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BREAKING: WTF Is Obama Talking About Now?



Former President Barack Obama just can’t resist the spotlight.

This time, he’s sharing his grand vision for combatting “misinformation” in the digital age. In a recent conversation with David Axelrod, he went on a tangent about how “digital fingerprints” should be used to police what he deems as false information. Oh, how noble of him!

Apparently, Obama believes that the 2024 presidential campaign will be plagued by “misinformation” and that it’s our duty to save ourselves from this impending doom. He claims “misinformation” and “disinformation” is reaching new heights… while he conveniently throws around these terms without bothering to define them properly.

According to him, we need to become more discriminating consumers of news and information. But who gets to decide what’s true and what’s not? Surely, not the government, especially considering their track record during the COVID pandemic.

But of course, Obama himself advocated for government regulation of “clearly dangerous content” just last year. Now he’s using buzzwords like “widespread disinformation” to scare people into submission. It’s clear that he sees himself as the righteous savior of democracy, protecting us from the dangers of free speech and independent thought.

This is just a classic tactic used by liberals to control the narrative and Obama is one of the best at doing this.

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