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Dan Crenshaw Totally WRECKS Fake News Bill Maher



Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw is known for his hot takes and Twitter takedowns, but apparently that reputation did not prepare liberal Bill Maher who invited Crenshaw on his HBO show “Real Time.”
When Maher attempted to argue that the Trump administration was “passing the buck” on the Coronavirus response, Crenshaw fired back. Just watch

Crenshaw did not skip a beat.
“He [Trump] implemented a restrictive travel ban from China which he was widely criticized for.”
He also reminded Maher that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat allies were actively pursuing the ‘No Ban Act’ which was designed to restrict the President’s authority in implementing the travel bans.
Bill Maher was WRECKED.
So far, the video of Crenshaw totally crushing Maher has over 2.5 million views on Twitter.
Maher’s show, on average, has 1.5 million viewers.
Maybe Bill can learn a lesson from this whole thing: more Americans are interested in the truth than they are interested in his liberal whining.