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Michigan Governor Wants To Punish Protestors



Last week, thousands of protestors turneed up in Lansing, Michigan to protest Governor Whitmer’s coronavirus lockdowns that have not only shutdown businesses and banned travel, but are also preventing people from growing their own food or even visiting their neighbors.

Activists demanded that the governor ease the lockdown restrictions that they view as both an infringement on their rights and hurtful to the economy at large.

Instead of engaging in the American way, and encouraging political discourse, Governor Whitmer responded with a threat.

Speaking to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, Whitmer said in response to the protest“we might have to actually think about extending the stay at home orders.”


It’s one thing to consider extending the lockdown on that advice of “experts” or “scientists,”” it’s another to recommend it because you don’t like that there are angry people – who have probably lost their jobs – arguing against the policy.

While many Democrats have endorsed questionable quarantine plans, Whitmer is the first to admit her shutdown initiatives could be influenced by her spite for political opponents.

Seems she may be hurting her own career as much as she’s hurting her protesters.