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Texas Gov. Abbot Bans Required Masks and Reopens



As April exhausts itself to a close, finally some sanity has been restored to a few select conservative elected officials. One being Governor Greg Abbot in Texas. Abbot has announced that businesses may reopen to some extent starting May 1 and more at-risk businesses (like gyms) will be able to reopen mid-May. Abbot doesn’t get a gold star in my book because forced business closures are un-American and never should have taken place plus arbitrarily singling out businesses as “high risk” when there is no evidence to prove higher risk is needlessly political and lacking in any form of true leadership.

However – it’s better than nothing. What is even more encouraging than his decision to reopen was his decision to overrule the Dallas County ordinance which illegally attempted to force citizens to wear face coverings in public. 

Required face coverings are a practice of late-term extremism used to silence opposition and prevent citizens from communicating or expressing emotions with their face. It is an abomination to freedom. Further – face coverings offer incredibly limited additional safety and they definitely would not protect you from infection. The only additional protection it offers is in the event of a cough or sneeze. Personally I have been coughing and sneezing into my hands or elbow since I was five and washing afterward. The cloth would only protect others in a very similar, not perfect way. Luckily for Texans – Governor Abbot preempted the order so they will not have to go to jail for showing their face in America. 

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